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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Come, Follow Me Dec 31-Jan 6: "We Are Responsible For Our Own Learning"

Hi everyone! Welcome to Simply Family Home Evening and to the first lesson for New Testament 2019 Come, Follow Me: "We Are Responsible For Our Own Learning." We will be studying this lesson from December 31 - January 6. If you haven't read our about us post then I hope you have an idea of just how excited we are about this new curriculum!!! We really wish there was a way to send excitement through the internet because the anticipation for this week has been building since October! Hahaha!

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This first lesson is a little different from the rest of the ones coming because there isn't a specific set of scriptures to study. All the other posts will have links to the Bible Videos and New Testament Stories Videos and then Additional Videos, like General Conference talks that are suggested by (There are some Additional Videos suggested for this lesson. We feel like these will be an awesome addition for families with older kids or adults studying together.) For this lesson though, we don't quite have as many resources. However, we love how we are being started off in this way. We have an opportunity to discuss with our kids about how we will be changing family home evening and that by doing this we will all get to study the New Testament together. So exciting! Let's get started!
If this is your first time here, make sure to check out THIS POST which will give you an overview of the layout for our lessons.

December 31- January 6
“We are responsible for our own learning”
Weekly Preparation: Print off the Simply Family Home Evening lesson plan for this week. Print out some footprints by searching for footprint clipart, get out some tape and a pen or marker. Get string and a hole punch and print out this week's primary handout. Find images for the I "Bee"lieve activity (do a Google search for clip art images for a honeybee, temple, picture of the prophet, picture of Joseph Smith, of the Savior, of the Book of Mormon etc. Our full list of images is down below in the lesson) (Use images of things you want your kids to learn to bear testimony about.)
Discussion Topics:
  • Jesus wants me to learn about Him and follow Him
  • The scriptures are true
  • I can study the scriptures for myself
  • I need my own testimony
Additional Videos:
Other Resources From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
Link to Come, Follow Me for Primary
Link to Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families
The Friend - For ideas on how to use The Friend Magazine see our Activity Ideas page

The lesson idea we decided to focus on for Family Home Evening this week is:
Jesus wants me to learn about Him and follow Him
Preparation: Get the footprints and tape and a marker
Introduce the New Testament to the kids.
  • The New Testament is part of the Bible. We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use the King James version of the bible.
  • The Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – give an account of the Savior’s life, ministry, death and resurrection.
  • Acts – Revelations is a record of the ministry of Christ’s ancient apostles after His resurrection.
We learn a lot about Jesus in the New Testament, especially how Jesus would want us to live our lives. Read Luke 18:22 Let’s talk about what Jesus would do in these situations:

“Your brother takes your toy.”
“You turn 8 years old”
“You turn 12 years old”
“Your moms asks you to do your chores”
“You see someone playing alone on the playground”
“Someone falls and hurts themselves”
“Your friend says something mean to someone else.”
“Your teacher asks you to help in the classroom”
“You find a dollar on the floor of the store.”
“You spilled all the flour on the floor and you don’t want to get into trouble.”
“You broke a toy that belongs to someone else”
“You want to play with a toy another kid has”
“Someone knocks down your tower”
“It’s time for scripture study before bed”
“Your mom or dad asks for help with dinner”

Write their answers down on the footprints and lay them on the ground. Have the kids follow the footprints to a picture of Jesus. (Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families pg 5)

Activity Ideas:
Jesus Christ wants us to follow Him banner
Play a board game

Additional Lesson or Discussion Ideas:
I Need My Own Testimony

I “Bee”lieve
This idea is based on one we saw on Gospel Grab Bag.
Search for a clip art images of a honey bee and then use the Gospel Art Book, the Friend or a Google search to find images of anything that represents what you are trying to help your kids learn about to strengthen their testimony of the Gospel. Use the bee and let the kids choose what they “bee”lieve in (these are what we used):
Families are forever when you get married in the temple
I am child of God
The Book of Mormon is the word of God. 
Jesus suffered for our sins. 
He died and was resurrected three days later so we could all live again after we die.
President Nelson is a prophet of God. 
Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon and restored The Church of Jesus Christ to the earth.

Let us know what worked for your family this week. We want to know how it went! Feel free to comment below, or show us how it's going using #simplyfamilyhomeevening on social media. You can also follow us and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. I always need a little extra help, so I'm excited for this! Thank you!

    1. I love hearing this! Thank you so much! I would love to hear how you use the ideas and how they work for your family.


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