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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Setting Your Family Up For Exaltation

This post is to give you a jumping off point for how we have set up our lessons. We want you to do what works for you but sometimes seeing how someone else has done it can help spark your own inspiration.
For starters you will most likely need a way to organize all of these lessons. We plan to stay about 3 weeks ahead of the current lesson so that you can plan ahead and not feel the stress week to week of getting another lesson ready. The best solution we have found to keep it simple is by using file folders for each week's lessons.

Anything we have printed or cut out we have laminated so we can reuse them throughout the years to come so you may see similar images reused from one lesson to another. A lot of the images we cut out on a Cricut but we realize not everyone will have access to one. We include links Google image searches to similar printable click art images so you can save them and print them off for your lesson. Some of these lessons will require a little prep but our goal has been to keep it simple.

A lot of what has been put together in these lessons has come from other blogs, wonderful people who have come before us with adorable ideas that work with the lessons we are studying this year. We hope as you follow the links to their sites that you will give them a little love and thank them for the work they've put into the resources they've provided.
The main resource we have used is the Come, Follow Me - For Primary manual. And A LOT of the resources we use come from We've linked to the videos and scripture references in each lesson for quick reference so you don't have to go search for them yourself on Mormon Channel or YouTube.

Here is a breakdown of what each lesson looks like:

Each lesson begins with the file folder holding all of the items we have gathered for that lesson with a link back to this post for reference of how the lessons are laid out.

Date range for that week's lesson
Scriptures covered in that lesson
"Title of the lesson in Come, Follow Me"
Simply Family Home Evening Lesson Plan
  • The link to a condensed, printable version of what we have here online. I like to have it printed off and keep it in my folder with all the items I will need for that week's lesson. It's perfect to reference quickly and gives me a place to make notes about what lesson I want to teach when during the week.
Discussion Topics:
  • These are the main lesson topics that are mentioned in the Come, Follow Me - For Primary manual. We have listed all of the ones for Junior and Senior Primary with their scripture references.
Bible Videos:
  • Links to all of the Bible Videos used in the Primary and Individuals and Families manuals.
New Testament Stories:
  • Links to all the New Testament Stories videos that are mentioned in the Primary manual.
Additional Videos:
  • Sometimes there are additional videos that don't fall under those two categories that are mentioned in the manuals. (example: Mormon Messages, Videos of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square)
General Authority Messages:
  • has relevant General Conference talks or other addresses from General Authorities listed for some of the lessons. They are great study aids for older children and adults wanting to get a little deeper into the topics.

    Other Resources From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
    Here we link to the online lesson in the Come, Follow Me - For Primary manual; the Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families manual; and the online version of The Friend for that month. The Friend is an awesome resource for lesson helps and ideas for younger children.

    Then we tell you what "discussion topic" we have decided to focus on for our main lesson that week.
    Lesson title
    Preparation: Here you will find the links to anything you will need to look up and print and or the things you will need to gather from around your home for this lesson.
    Opening Song: We link to the song on so that you can play the music and sing along. We have tried to use the ones that the children will be studying that month in Primary.
    Here you will have the lesson broken down. We list the video links and scripture links that correlate directly with this lesson for quick reference.
    Almost all of our lessons have an object lesson or other activity to keep the younger ones involved and help the ideas and lessons from the videos and scriptures take deeper meaning for everyone. We've tried to keep them short so that you can keep them short if you need to or so that you can expound on them in a way that fits your family.
    Activity Ideas:
    Here we suggest some ideas for an activity with your family that we try and relate to the lesson. We also have an entire page with activities and games that we have created or found on other blogs. If you're looking for something different to do check out the Activity Ideas Page.

    Additional Lesson or Discussion Ideas:

    After the main lesson we list one to two more lesson ideas that you can either use to replace the main lesson (if you wanted to have a stronger focus on another topic) or that you can use to study this section of scripture more throughout the week. They are all taken from the "discussion topics" we have listed above. (Not every "discussion topic" has a lesson planned out for it. But every discussion topic is linked to it's corresponding scriptures and you can always follow the link to the Primary Manual for more ideas if you see a topic you want to dig into that we didn't.)
    These additional lessons have a similar layout with what you need to prepare the lesson, the videos (if any), scriptures and an active lesson idea and activity suggestion.

    We hope you'll join us in staying ahead of the curve just a little by preparing lessons ahead of time and taking time all week long to discuss them with your family. There is still a lot of flexibility in these lessons. We hope you'll use the links to videos and scriptures and adjust the lessons to fit your family no matter the age of your kids and then let us know how it goes. If you have any questions we welcome them! We're brand new to this home-centered, church-supported way of learning just like you. Please don't be shy with your comments or suggestions. We want to learn from you so we can all be successful together!

    Happy Studying!
    Whitney and BreeAnna Laub


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