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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Come, Follow Me April 1-14: "Thou Art the Christ"

Ok seriously, it's April already! When did that happen? I'm so excited! This week is a little different because of...... wait for iiiiiittt....... GENERAL CONFERENCE! 👏 (I just discovered how to add emojis to our blog post. Haha! If it wasn't already the best week ever - it is now!) Because we don't have any church meetings until the 14th we actually have a week to play catch up a little, go back and touch on a few lessons you just didn't have time to focus on the way you wanted to; or put some extra effort into THIS WEEK'S lesson! Yay!!!

I do want to take a quick minute to welcome you back, I am so glad you're here, checking in for another week of Simply Family Home Evening. If you are new, we are so excited you have found us! Welcome!

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Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: April 1-14 "Thou Art the Christ"

Our Come, Follow Me lesson this week is "Thou Art the Christ" We will be studying Matthew 16-17; Mark 9 and Luke 9. We get to learn about how we can gain a testimony in our Savior (PERFECT for Conference week!) and about how Jesus Christ's church is led today (ALSO perfect for Conference week!)

You guys, I cannot tell you enough how excited I am for General Conference! If you are looking for ideas on how to help your kids enjoy some of Conference (so that YOU can enjoy Conference well - GREAT NEWS 📣 We are going to have a bonus post go up about a week before Conference [check back for an official date] with a round up of ideas you can use during General Conference to keep you and your kids engaged. Teaser: We have some First Presidency and Quruom of the Twelve "Get to Know You" cards that you can print off for FREE and use to help yourself and your kids learn more about these wonderful men!
Get to know the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles cards from Simply Family Home Evening
You can get the link to print these cards from our Activity Page

As has become our habit, our plan this week is to watch the Bible Videos that go with this block of scripture on Sunday the 24th in the afternoon.
Often in our family we use the Bible Videos and New Testament stories because they hold the little kids' attention well. Some of our children are very young and don't read yet. We try to make sure the kids understand on their level what happened in the video we watched. It also gives us a good foundation for what we will be discussing in our lessons during the week. In order to make sure we are still teaching from the scriptures as well, we use the excerpts from the scriptures that are suggested in the primary manual.

If this is your first time here, make sure to check out THIS POST which will give you an overview of the layout for our lessons.

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: April 1-14 "Thou Art the Christ"

April 1-14
Matthew 16-17; Mark 9; Luke 9
"Thou Art the Christ"
Simply Family Home Evening Lesson Plan
Discussion Topics:
Bible Videos:

Other Resources From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
Link to Come, Follow Me for Primary
Link to Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families
The Friend - For ideas on how to use The Friend Magazine see our Activity Ideas page

The lesson idea we decided to focus on for Family Home Evening this week is:
Jesus Christ gives prophets and apostles priesthood keys to lead His Church
Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: April 1-14 "Thou Art the Christ"
If you have a Cricut, these are the keys we used. 
You can also do a clipart search for keys and print off 8.
On each key put the following names or Priesthood Office.
Jesus Chirst
Mission President
Temple President
President Nelson / The Prophet
Ministering Brother
Tape the keys up around the room
Read the scriptures and then watch the video.
Have the kids go collect the keys one at a time and talk about the priesthood keys that that person has access to using these descriptions and scriptures:

Jesus Christ: D&C 65:2; 124:123

Dad: D&C 68:25-28 and True to the Faith: Priesthood
The most important exercise of the Priesthood takes place in the family. Each husband and father in The Church should strive to be worthy to hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. With his wife as an equal partner, he presides in righteousness and love, serving as the family's spiritual leader. He leads the family in regular prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. He works with his wife to teach the children and help them prepare to receive the ordinances of salvation. He gives Priesthood blessings for direction, healing and comfort.

Ministering Brothers: D&C 20:53 and True to the Faith: Priesthood
From the time priesthood holders are ordained to the office of teacher, they have the opportunity and responsibility to serve as Ministering Brothers. In this way they work toward fulfilling their duty to "watch over the church always, and be with and strengthen them." (D&C 20:53) Ministering Brothers have a sacred duty to be the Church's first source of help to individuals and families. In serving and visiting their assigned members, they support parents in their responsibilities, teach the gospel to each family member, nurture friendships, and help members prepare to receive temple ordinances and live worthy of the blessings of the Gospel.

Bishop: Has the keys to preside over his ward and its members.

Stake President: Has the keys to preside over his assigned Stake and its members.

Temple President: Has the keys to preside over his assigned temple.

Mission President: Has the keys to preside over his assigned mission and all the missionaries serving in it.

President Nelson / The Prophet: D&C 81:2 
Has the keys to preside over the whole church.

Activity Ideas:
Play General Authority match with the calling cards from the General Authority Bingo game from Chicken Scratch n Sniff. (This is also a great game to have out during Conference. Camille has great ideas of how you can use this game on her blog. Go check that out! 
Additional Lesson or Discussion Ideas:

My faith can work miracles
Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: April 1-14 "Thou Art the Christ"
Print off the Primary handout for this week.
Small pots with soil
Flower seeds
Picture from President Oaks' talk from April's 2018 General Conference
     Matthew 17:19-20
     Jesus Teaches that we Must Become as Little Children
Watch the videos; read the scriptures or use a combination of both.
Use the pots and soil, (maybe if you bought a big bag you have some left over from a couple weeks ago.) 
Plant some flower seeds and let the kids know those seeds represent our faith. What happens if we plant the seeds and then ignore them and put them in a closet for later? What happens if we water the seeds and give them plenty of sun?
Even big tall trees start out as tiny seeds.
Show the picture from President Oaks' talk. 
Talk about how little actions and decisions can have a big effect over time.
Put the flower pots in a windowsill where they can watch the flowers sprout and grow. It will give you something to talk about all summer long!
Activity Ideas:
Color the Primary Handout

I can gain a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: April 1-14 "Thou Art the Christ"
Prepare the I "Bee"lieve activity from our very first lesson back in January. All the instructions are on THIS POST
     Matthew 16:13-17
Bible Videos:
     Thou Art the Christ
     Whosoever Will Lose His Life for My Sake Shall Find it
New Testament Videos:
     Chapter 32: Peter Testifies of Christ
Read the scriptures; watch the videos or use a combination of both.
Have the kids practice bearing their testimonies using the I "Bee"lieve activity. 
Talk about why it is important for the kids to each have their own testimony.
Activity Ideas:
Watch the kids favorite Bible video so far. They are all beautiful and can help build our testimonies of our Savior.

Let us know what worked for your family this week. We want to know how it went! Feel free to comment below, or show us how it's going using #simplyfamilyhomeevening on social media. You can also tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love to see you there!


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