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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Come, Follow Me Aug 19-25 "Be Perfectly Joined Together"

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Aug 19-25 "Be Perfectly Joined Together"

Hello again! Welcome back to Simply Family Home Evening! New here? First time finding us? Welcome! We are so excited you've found Simply Family Home Evening and we hope you find something you love here. We put together quick and simple lesson ideas to aid with your weekly Come, Follow Me study. The idea is to help the little people in our families be able to learn something from our study each week by talking on their level and presenting physical lessons they can relate to and understand. We hope that's what you've found here and that's why you are back.

This week the lesson title in Come, Follow Me is "Be Perfectly Joined Together" and we are now studying in 1 Corinthians. This week we are reading chapters 1-7. Now that we are out of the Gospels the rest of these books are flying by! Are you ready? On with the lesson ideas!

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Aug 19-25 "Be Perfectly Joined Together"

August 19-25
1 Corinthians 1-7
"Be Perfectly Joined Together"

Simply Family Home Evening Lesson Plan

The lesson idea we decided to focus on for Family Home Evening this week is:

I should treat my body with respect and keep it holy

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Aug 19-25 "Be Perfectly Joined Together"
Preparation: Print out pictures that depict ways you can take care of your bodies. (That link will take you to the nursery manual, print page 52.) Print out a primary handout for each child.
Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 6:19–20 
Opening Song: The Lord Gave Me A Temple” Children’s Songbook pg 153 
Bible Video
Sing the song Do As I’m Doing. Let each kid take a turn being the leader.
Ask your kids if they know why they have a body. Before we were born, we were spirits without physical bodies. There were a lot of things we couldn’t do until we had a body. God sent us to earth to get bodies. We need both a spirit and a body to become like Heavenly Father. (See D&C 88:15.) 

Ask your kids what is great about having a body? Our bodies are so important and holy that the Lord calls them temples (see 1 Corinthians3:16–17). Also, we can use our bodies to learn, help people, create families, and make the world a better place.

Ask your kids what are some fun things they can do with their bodies? (Swim, run, sing, climb, jump, etc. Do the actions as you name them.)
Ask your kids how we take care of our bodies. We should treat our bodies the way we would care for any priceless treasure — with love and respect. Through the prophets and the Word of Wisdom, Heavenly Father has told us what is bad for our bodies and what is good. There are lots of things we can do to care for our bodies:
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise.
  • Dress modestly and keep our bodies clean.
  • Respect other people’s bodies.
  • Don’t mark our bodies with tattoos or excessive piercings.
  • Don’t use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or tea.
  • Play games that are safe and fun and stay away from activities that are dangerous.
When we take care of our bodies, we are better able to feel the Holy Ghost. 

Put some pictures around the room of ways we can take care of our body and have the kids go pick one and tell you the way the picture shows to take care of their body

Adapt for older kids: Watch both of the additional videos and talk about the law of chastity and being pure.
Activity Ideas: Get outside and do something active with your amazing body! Play basketball or soccer, play tag, jump on the trampoline, go for a walk or a bike ride. 
Color the primary handout 

Additional Lesson or Discussion Ideas:

Jesus Christ is my foundation

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Aug 19-25 "Be Perfectly Joined Together"

Preparation: Get a picture of Jesus. Tape it up on the wall. Use the pictures from the I "Bee-lieve" activity or any other pictures you have that show things your kids can develop a testimony of. 
Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 3:10–11 

Tape each picture above Christ and tell your kids how Jesus Christ is the foundation of our testimonies.

Activity Ideas:
Play with blocks and test out different foundations. What makes a strong foundation that lets you build a tall tower?

The Holy Ghost teaches me gospel truths

Preparation: Print out the scripture references from the July 22nd "The scriptures testify of Jesus Christ" lesson.
Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 2:11–14 
Read 1 Corinthians 2:11–14 
Put up the scripture references from the July 22 lesson. You can either use ones you didn't get to for that lesson, or review them all again. Tell your kids that it is the Holy Ghost that testifies of the truths that we learn in the scriptures.

Let us know what worked for your family this week. We want to know how it went! Feel free to comment below, or show us how it's going using #simplyfamilyhomeevening on social media. You can also tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love to see you there!

Discussion Topics:
Bible Videos:
General Authority Messages:
Additional Videos:
LDS notebooking has an awesome notebook you can use to help you learn the scripture masteries for the New Testament.

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