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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Come, Follow Me Nov 4-10: "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Nov 4-10 "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"

Hi friend! I am so glad you're here, better yet, I'm glad you're still checking in with us here at Simply Family Home Evening. I am so sorry about the last couple weeks. If you are a consistent follower you know that we have been absent. I am so sorry about that! We had a "circle the wagons" and a take-care-of-immediate-needs-first type of month in October. Don't worry, everything is fine but some medical and health concerns in both families led to us pitching in to help when needed and it really just made time for the blog impossible. I am so so sorry! Once everything we already had "in the can" was published and out there for you we had a couple blank weeks. 

BUT we are back! We hope you still come back to check in and see what ideas we have for your study.

We are also very touched by those of you sweet friends that have reached out to us through email, facebook and instagram asking if we are ok. We didn't receive one message in frustration or anger, just concern and love and hoping we were ok and that we'd be back soon. Those messages meant EVERYTHING! Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰 

So, without further blubber and blabber - onto the Come, Follow Me lesson for this week!

The title for our lesson this week is "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'" and we'll be moving into the book of Hebrews.

I know we haven't been around to chat with you for the last couple weeks but how much have you loved reading Paul's letters? I felt like we got to know him a little bit through them and feel the love that he had for all the people who were out trying their best to live their new faith and follow Jesus Christ. I love how he reached out to and encouraged and wanted to help everyone that wanted to follow Jesus. He wanted to help the gentiles that had probably never heard about Jesus before and were changing a lot in their day to day lives to follow Him. Paul also wanted to help the Hebrews who were changing their traditions as well. The law of Moses had been fulfilled in Jesus and now the way that they lived this new religion was different and very likely challenging for them. There is some discussion about whether or not Hebrews is written by Paul exclusively or by another author entirely but one thing is sure, you can feel that love and encouragement to go forth and live the gospel. So let's get to it! 

November 4-10
Hebrews 1-6
"Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"

Simply Family Home Evening Lesson Plan

The lesson idea we decided to focus on for Family Home Evening this week is:
To receive Heavenly Father’s guidance and blessings, we must “harden not [our] hearts
Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Nov 4-10 "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"
Preparation: Get a sponge and cut it into a heart shape. Find a heart shaped rock or cut out a piece of cardboard or a glass heart.
Opening Song: "I Believe in Christ
Hebrews 3:7–19
Drop a few drops of water on each of these things. Tell the kids that the water is like the Word of God. What happens to the water on the sponge? What happens to it on the harder objects?
When we are humble, and our hearts are soft, we are willing to learn what Heavenly Father wants us to. If our hearts are hard, and we are angry or stubborn, we can’t listen and learn from Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost very well.
Adapt For Older Kids:
Share the story of the Israelites and what happened to them because they hardened their hearts. Share some other stories of people from the scriptures such as Nephi, Laman and Lemuel, Jacob, Daniel, or Paul. 

Additional Lesson or Discussion Ideas:

I believe in Jesus Christ

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Nov 4-10 "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"

Preparation: Have a picture of Jesus
Hebrews 1:2–10; 2:8–10, 17–18
Let each kid take a turn holding the picture and telling you what they have learned about Jesus this year. Read some or all of the scriptures, (however many your kids can handle) and see if they can pick out any new attributes of Christ from them.
Read (or re-read) Hebrews 1:3.
Hold up a picture of you and your husband and a picture of your kids. Ask them if they know what they have in common with you.
Just like they have things in common with you, Jesus has in common with Heavenly Father. Explain that when Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus Christ is “the express image of [God’s] person,” it means that Jesus and Heavenly Father have the same qualities and attributes. Testify that when we learn about Jesus, we are also learning about our Heavenly Father. 

Activity Ideas:
Do the Primary Handout

Priesthood holders are called of God

Come, Follow Me; Simply Family Home Evening FHE lessons: Nov 4-10 "Jesus Christ, 'the Author of Eternal Salvation'"
Hebrews 5:1–4
Read Hebrews 5:4
Read and memorize the 5th Article of Faith
Show the picture of Moses Gives Aaron the Priesthood
Explain that because Aaron was the first person to hold the Aaronic Priesthood, it was named after him. Help the children think of duties Aaronic Priesthood holders perform (such as baptizing, blessing and passing the sacrament, and inviting others to come unto Christ)
Have your husband or other priesthood holder talk about when they received the Aaronic Priesthood. Have him talk about some experiences he had when all he had was the Aaronic Priesthood
This would also be a great time to review our other lesson from March 4 on the priesthood.

Let us know what worked for your family this week. We want to know how it went! Feel free to comment below, or show us how it's going using #simplyfamilyhomeevening on social media. You can also tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love to see you there!

Discussion Topics:
Bible Videos:
General Authority Messages:
Additional Videos:
Other Resources From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
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  1. I am glad things are okay! I too was worried about you guys! We use your lessons almost every week for our Family Home Evenings, especially when it's one of the kids in charge. Thank you for all you do!


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