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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

10 Commandments Memory Game

Free 10 Commandments Memory Game from Simply Family Home Evening
10 Commandments Memory Game
Family Home Evening

Guess what?! We have a fun, free printable for you to use with your kids and in your primary classes. If you haven't checked out our lesson idea for this week yet you may not have seen it.

Who doesn't love playing the simple game of memory? That great moment when you know you have a match and you'll soon be the one with the most matches and then..... you turn over the wrong card! 😂🤦‍♀️ 

Ok so aside from those frustrating moments it is one of the best repetition games out there. You see the same cards over and over and our hope is that it will help these 10 Commandments sink in. Repetition leads to memorization right? 

So here you go! Enjoy them with your family. Enjoy them with your primary class. I would totally love to see them used in an adult Gospel Doctrine class in some way. 😂 Have some fun with them.

As with all our printables we just ask that if someone asks where you got the fun 10 Commandment Memory game
that you refer them back to our website to print a copy off for themselves instead of just sending them the file. Simple right? Thanks in advance for helping us out with that!
The PDF file is set up for double sided printing and we suggest using cardstock so that you can't see through the cards to all the answers. 😉 Kinda defeats the purpose right? If you don't have cardstock then I would print the pages single sided, cut them all out and then glue a front and a back together.


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