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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Free Goal Setting Printables 2020

Free goal setting printables from Simply Family Home Evening

Free printable goal sheets
for 2020
Children and Youth

Hey you, how are you? Can you believe it is 2020? I remember that feeling like an incredibly far away year just a few short years ago as I rang in the year 2000 (Y2K!!!!) at a youth dance. Remember how all the computers DIDN'T crash and we didn't all die!? 😂 Life went on, and wow it went by FAST! And suddenly here we are - 2020!

How excited are you for your kids to start the new Children and Youth program? My kids are young enough to still be in primary activities so no young womens or young mens activities here yet. As we were prepping everything for The Book of Mormon lessons and as we were getting our families ready for the new year I was over at Whitney's house one day and saw that she had written out family goals for the new year in the 4 categories that the children and youth will be setting goals. Once again, I'm reminded of how brilliant she is. What an awesome idea! Setting goals as a family was something we wanted to start this year in our family but of course we missed the most obvious thing. Use the new structure being put in place for all of our kids!
Free goal setting printables from Simply Family Home Evening

A quick pinterest search told me that there really weren't a lot of resources out there and none (that I could find anyway) that were free - other then the ones that The Church will be giving to all the youth of course. So quickly last night we threw these together for you as a happy New Years Day/Happy 2020/Happy new DECADE gift to all of you!!!

We sincerely hope you enjoy them and are able to use them in your home. We sized them to 8 1/2" x 11" so you have the option to display them in a document frame in your home to see all year long, in a family binder where you maybe keep other family goals or notes from family councils or you can print two to a page by changing the setting on your printer and have them fit snug and comfy in your scriptures, your choice! Also, both the boys and girls options are available in both color and black and white!
Free goal setting printables from Simply Family Home Evening

Oh! I almost forgot, the whole point was to set FAMILY goals right? So, yeah, we got you there too. I'd call it a bonus (or maybe the other ones are the bonuses since THIS is what we set out to create right? 😂) But can you really have a bonus when ALL of them are FREE!? You're welcome!
Free goal setting printables from Simply Family Home Evening

The links to print are just below. The only thing we ask is that if someone asks you where you got this amazing and adorable goal sheet that you send them back to us instead of sending them the file. The visit to the blog is how we get paid and it's what makes it worth our time to provide things like this to you. 

Thank you so much for all your love and support over this last year! Happy goal setting and Happy New Year! 🥳

Free goal setting printables from Simply Family Home Evening - b&w


  1. Thank you so much for creating these. I've been looking for something for my girls to transfer their goals to, to post and remind them of what they are working towards. And they're beautifully done. Thank you again! I'm also on a tight budget so with them being free is a big plus. Bless your heart.


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