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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Easter Week Countdown: Monday, April 6

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon: Easter Week Countdown from Simply Family Home Evening

Easter Week Countdown
Monday, April 6
Day 6

Song:I Love to see the Temple,” pg 95
Scripture: Matthew 21:12–17; Mark 11:15–19

After entering Jerusalem, one of the first things Jesus Christ does is go to the temple. There, inside His father’s house, Jesus saw people buying and selling things in the temple. Because He wanted the temple to be a “house of prayer,” speaking with unmistakable authority, He made them leave. The cleansing of the temple at Jerusalem was an act of bravery. We can take courage knowing that Jesus Christ did what He knew to be right, whether it was popular or not. When we follow Him, we receive the strength to do the same. Then He healed people who were lame or blind. The jealous priests were angry with Him.*

Review the lesson from Feb. 17-23. Talk about the importance of temples.

Activity: Go visit the temple grounds if you have a temple close by and it is safe to do so. (Even if all you can do is drive by right now.) If your temple is too far and you're trying to stay home as much as possible bring out a picture of the temple. Ask your kids if they can tell you why the temple is so important. Ask them what they know about what happens inside.
Work on some family history! Talk about why we have temples on the earth today.
If family history for your kids' ages or it's hard to get everyone around the computer or you're super duper pros already, talk to your kids about how our homes can be as sacred as temples are. Put a few simple chores in a hat. Have each kid take a turn picking a chore out of the hat. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Have each kid run and do their chore as fast as they can. When you have finished the game, talk to your kids about how are homes are sacred places too. We need to keep them clean and pure.

Bible Videos:

*Daily text passages are taken from and April 2011 Friend.


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