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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Easter Week Countdown: Saturday, April 11

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon: Easter Week Countdown from Simply Family Home Evening

Easter Week Countdown
Saturday, April 11
Day 1

Song:Did Jesus Really Live Again?” pg 64
Scripture: Matthew 27:57–66.

Jesus’s body lay in the tomb. A large stone was put in front of the door. The wicked priests asked Pilate to have guards stand outside the tomb to make sure no one went inside. The scriptures are mostly silent on the day after His crucifixion, but while Christ’s body laid in the tomb, His spirit was ministering in the spirit world. Likely, this was a day of deep reflection for His followers and their families. Likewise, you and your family are invited to take time to truly think about what Jesus Christ went though and why He was willing to do so. Enjoy spending the day with your family. As you do Easter Egg hunts and celebrate with family, make sure to remember why we celebrate this wonderful holiday!*

Bible Videos:
*Daily text passages are taken from and April 2011 Friend.


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