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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Easter Week Countdown: Tuesday April 7

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon: Easter Week Countdown from Simply Family Home Evening

Easter Week Countdown
Tuesday, April 7
Day 5

Song:The Miracle,” Friend, June 2018, 24-25 (There is a link to a sing along video at the bottom of the page.)

Jesus’s presence in Jerusalem did not go unnoticed by the authorities. Seeing Jesus as a threat, they seek to discredit Him. Jesus taught people in the temple and on a nearby hill called the Mount of Olives. While teaching on this hill, the priests question Jesus in hopes of finding something they can use against Him. But Jesus’s inspired answers reveal no crime, and His enemies only discredit themselves. The priests plotted to kill Jesus. One of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, agreed to turn Jesus over to the priests in exchange for 30 silver coins. Despite incredible opposition, the work of Jesus Christ moved on. Because of His great love for us, we don’t have to face life’s obstacles alone. When we seek His help, we can overcome even the greatest of challenges.*

Make testimony eggs or a testimony egg card. Print out pg 31 from the April 2004 Friend.
Pick a friend or family member you want to give your eggs to. Let each of your kids take a turn writing on a strip of paper something they know to be true about the gospel. Fill as many plastic eggs as you can and add them to a basket or cute box to deliver to a friend or family member. If you don’t want to fill eggs, you can use the egg on the printout and make a card to list all the things your kids know be true about the gospel.
Use the Spring Basket cookies from the Friend, or your favorite cookie recipe and make cookies to add to your basket or box.
If you are strongly encouraged not to travel or visit family/friends maybe you could share some of these thoughts over a video chat or phone call.

Bible Videos:
*Daily text passages are taken from and April 2011 Friend.


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