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Come, Follow Me May 4-10: Mosiah 11-17

Easter Week Countdown: Wednesday, April 8

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon: Easter Week Countdown from Simply Family Home Evening

Easter Week Countdown
Wednesday, April 8
Day 4

Song:Kindness Begins with Me,” pg 145 B

The scriptures do not say what Jesus did on this day. He may have spent the day with His disciples. Instead of focusing on where Jesus was, we can focus on what Jesus taught during His ministry. Jesus was the Master Teacher. By opening our hearts to Him, we can find answers to life’s most important questions. You could read the parable of the ten virgins, a story Jesus taught to His disciples to help them prepare for His Second Coming. Jesus often used parables to teach us to be kind, a good example, and to serve others.*

Watch the videos about some of the teachings of the Savior
Read this story from the Friend from President Thomas S. Monson. Do the activities at the bottom of the story to help teach your kids how they can learn to serve others like the Savior did with the talents they have.

Bible Videos:
New Testament Stories:


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